Thursday, February 18, 2010

Classes, questions, audition, acceptance .....wait....say WHAT?!

YES! After nearly 3 weeks of waiting, I finally received my purple email at 4:09 this morning! I was accepted as a quick service food and beverage cast member and I could not be happier!

I was not expecting to hear today because I thought I finally knew the pattern that Disney had going with its acceptances, but I was wrong! Disney tricked me, but I am so glad to have it now! I got up really early this morning because I was having trouble sleeping so I thought I would go check my email, just for fun. My internet isn't the fastest at college so I saw that I had 3 unread emails before they actually popped up. I just froze in my seat when I saw inbox (3). Surely, one of them had to be for the program, right? I held my breath and my heart started POUNDING in my chest. As soon as the titles of the emails came up, my eyes fell upon "Disney College Program: Your Invitation". I'm not gonna lie, I burst into tears. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. I had never wanted anything as badly as I wanted this. I called my mom as soon as I regained my ability to speak and, after I bawled again, we were both squealing with joy. Also, everyone has been congratulating me all day and I just feel so loved to know all these wonderful people. I appreciate each and every one of you! I'm pretty much now in a state of permanent euphoria. I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I still have my audition to look forward to! I can breathe easier now that I know I've gotten accepted, so I can actually begin to prepare for the audition. I'm not scared about the audition, more like excited! Although, that may be likely to change the closer I get to actually auditioning. I really just plan to have fun with it and put my whole heart into it. Even if I don't get entertainment, I'll still be satisfied knowing I did my best. Plus, I'll still have QSFB, which is awesome!

In others disney college program related news, I met with the education department at my college on Monday to see if they would allow me college credit for some of the classes in Disney. After a bit of reasoning and a dash of pixie dust, they did! I am really excited for these classes because they look like tons of fun, not I will hopefully be taking Creativity and Innovations and Experiential Learning, both of which will be transferred back as credits!

Now onto my first (of hopefully many!) formspring question!

Why do you want to do the CP?

I hoped I’d get this question! Most people, when I’d tell that I might be working for Disney soon, either stare at me blankly, or worse, wear this look on their face that says, “Are you serious? That is so childish.” Those people really don’t know what they’re missing! The Disney company is this grand fortune 100 business and, aside from looking amazing on a resume, it will truly be an honor to work there. I, first and foremost, absolutely love Disney. I love the characters, the concepts, the place, the magical feeling it gives you, and everything it stands for. For everyone who knows me at college, I am “the Disney girl.” My room is decked out in Disney; posters, figures, clothes, you name it, I probably have some form of it. I love it and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Aside from increasing my love for Disney, I believe the program would also help me grow more as a person. I haven’t had much work experience yet and I think this would be the perfect opportunity to gain that experience, while meeting tons of new people, encountering different cultures, improving my people skills and learning so much from such a highly esteemed company! The most important reason to me for doing the cp, however, would be the opportunity to make other people's lives as magical as Disney has already made mine. I've always wanted to be part of that magic!

I'm really sorry my post is all over the place and tons of things were just thrown together so I'll end this quickly. Congratulations to the many college program hopefuls who got in today! To all those others still waiting, please do not give up hope!

Remember: *~If you can dream it, you can do it!~*

And I must say, Walt Disney certainly knew what he was talking about!

Until next time,


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