Thursday, March 4, 2010

Health Insurance on the CP!

Hello everyone! Another week has come and gone and you know what that means! New post from me! I know this is just the highlight of everyone's week! - crickets chirping - Yeah, anyway...

I've gotten in touch with the education department at Disney about of the of classes I wanted to take. As I mentioned in some previous posts, I wanted to sign up for Creativity & Innovations: Gaining the Edge and Experiential Learning because my college was going to to give me credit for both! I was very excited when I heard this news because I would still be taking classes related to my major so I wouldn't be too far behind when I got back in the spring. What had recently been brought to my attention however, is the small fact about health insurance. -insert blinding lightning, resounding thunderclap, and small girlish squeal here - To remain under my current health insurance, I have to be a full-time student in the fall. (Summer's a freebie thank goodness!) Full-time for most colleges is 12 credits, I believe. I would be getting 3 credits for each of the Disney classes so I would need to take 2 online classes from back home. Sounds easy enough, right? I wasn't sure, though, when Disney's classes actually took place. I didn't know if they were only offered at certain times during the year so I was a little worried. If they took place in the summer, I would have to take 2 additional online classes in the fall to get back up to my 12 credit minimum to be eligible for my health insurance. I didn't know how I would handle all those classes in addition to the workload I'd have at Disney. So I emailed someone in the Disney education department to hopefully ease my despair. She was very prompt and helpful in her response and told me that I was able to sign up for the summer OR fall classes since I chose fall advantage! That came as such a relief to me because I did not want to pay a ton of money for health insurance! So I'll sign up for my Disney classes when all the fall people arrive!

Also a little tidbit about health insurance: It's different depending on which state you live in. I read somewhere that in Maryland or Massachusetts (sorry, I'm pretty sure it's an 'M' state!), you're under your parents' health insurance up to age 26! So make sure you check with your state laws before worrying about it!

Are you planning on taking a Disney class that your school has already agreed to give you credit for but aren't sure if there will be any more room in the class available for you?

Don't worry! She also told me that as long as you bring a letter from your college or university stating which class(es) you will take at Disney as well as the fact that you will be receiving credit with you to check-in, you'll be GUARANTEED a spot, no matter how full the class is! Nice, huh?

A few random notes:

1. Don't forget to ask me questions via formspring! I love answering them :)
2. About 3 weeks to go until my character performer audition! I'm starting to get a little anxious now. Time to brush up on my dancing!
3. Roommate Notifications are up and running for people doing Fall Advantage 2010! If you're looking for a roommate or have already found one and want to guarantee them as your roommate, log in to the roommate notification!

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